The Bee Hive

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Hi there! I am the Queen Bee of three beautiful daughters- they are my 3 Busy Bees.  My twin Bees are one year older than my baby Bee.  All the birthday magic happens in July as they were born only 12 months and two weeks apart!

I am also an attorney- a partner actually- and spend most of my life balanced between loving my family- and providing the fondest and happiest memories for my Busy Bees- as well as working my butt off to provide for my family and give my Bees as many opportunities as possible.  Between myself, my husband and my father & mother, my three Bees are the priorities in our lives!

I also have a creative side, which, when I have spare time (i.e. as I am writing this at 12:55 a.m. on a Monday night), I like to explore and cultivate throughout the adventures in our Bee Hive.




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