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Part II to my original post- our Nightmare Before Christmas Party was a hit.

The favor bags could also serve as trick-or-treat  bags for Halloween:

Jack Skellington treat bags

I put them out on display and had the rest of them in the cauldron:

Jack Skellington treat bags

I updated our front door wreath to reflect our theme:

I also made Jack Skellington Oreo pops- I dunked Oreo’s in white candy bark and used a black edible icing pen to draw his face on each one:

We had our usual pick your own pumpkin to decorate:

And the make your own caramel apple station is always the most popular. I heat a block of Peter’s Creamy Caramel in the crock pot and then have bowls of nuts, m&ms, chocolate chips, and other goodies for our guests to dip into. I leave baking sheets lined with wax paper and have guests put their names on the Popsicle stick before putting it into the apple so that they can let their candy coated apples cool off on the wax paper and know which one is theirs when they come to eat it:

And each of my three little bees made a paper mache face mask of Lock, Shock & Barrel:

I cut up a large cardboard box to make the Nightmare Before Christmas backdrop. I dressed up like Sally and my husband was Jack. Some of our guests didn’t even recognize me with the face makeup! 😉

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