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Our Valentine’s party was inspired by vintage Valentines. I found several images online that I used to create aprons, tote bags and decor.


I downloaded the images and selected some to print out on full sheet labels to decorate cups & heart decor.


I also printed them on iron-on paper and created tote bags and aprons for all our party guests.  The aprons are available on my Etsy site here.


Upon arrival, each girl was given an apron to start their cookie decorating.  Each plate was set with a large heart-shaped sugar cookie and there were about 4 dozen other heart shaped cookies in different sizes to be decorated as well.



There was quite a selection of icings, sprinkles, sparkles and writers to decorate their cookies.



The girls spent a good hour decorating cookies.


As they decorated, we put them on cookie sheets lined with wax paper & their names – to remember who made what cookie.


After the cookies were all decorated, we served pizza and pink punch.  When the icing dried, I put them in adorable cookie boxes I purchased at Target and wrote their name on each.


We served cake pops for dessert and the girls did a sewing craft (also purchased at Target), which wrapped up the second hour.


The two hours flew by!  Each girl went home with a tote bag holding their box of cookies as well as their own apron!


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