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My girls have been obsessed with Jack, Sally and the gang from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas for about 6 of the 7 years of their lives. So, it was only natural that we all agreed the theme for this year’s Halloween party would be the Nightmare Before Christmas.  Our party is set for October 22nd, and I have started party prep already.

From Jack Skellington party totes to home-made back drops and masks, I have many ideas in mind. Hopefully I don’t run out of time… or patience.

My first project was making the tote bag party favors.  I purchased the white-cotton tote bags in bulk from Oriental Trading here: White Tote Bags

Then I googled “Jack Skellington faces” to find the perfect image to use as a stencil.  I actually found a free stencil online here Stencil and printed it out on card stock paper.  Then I used fine scissors to cut the stencil out in detail.  I used black acrylic paint with a stain brush to fill in the stencil. *Before you start to paint- put a sheet of cardboard in the bag to prevent the paint from bleeding through to the back of the bag.*

Painting the stencil
Painting the stencil

And viola!  Tons of Jack totes which cost me less than $2 each!

tons of Jack totes!
tons of Jack totes!

I always like to start my Halloween parties giving each guest their special bag so that they can collect the crafts, pumpkins and goodies they get at the party.  But I always put something in it to start their adventure.

Consistent with the theme, I bought several packs of the white pumpkin notepads that are currently available in Target’s dollar section. They are 6 notepads for $3.


Then I googled “Jack Skellington faces” again and drew Jack’s face (with different expressions) on the cover of each pad.



So each Jack tote will include a Jack notepad, a Halloween themed stamper, and Little Monsters Band-Aids (also a $1 bin find at Target). I usually avoid candy- as the kids get enough and I never know who has what allergy.


And finally- another inspiration from Target’s dollar bins- I bought these two potions bottles for $3 each.


Then I found these free printables related to the Nightmare Before Christmas- specifically for Deadly Night Shade, Worm’s Wort and Frog’s Breath: NBC Labels

And attached them to the bottles using double-sided tape (printing on sticky label sheets would also work) and now we have some tempting potions…


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