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This was our first attempt at a Halloween party. It is one of my favorite holidays and I wanted to make it a fun, non-scary event for the 3 & 4 year olds we invited, as well as entertain the adults.

For the adults, I bought Blavod Black Vodka (which came with the pumpkin top!) and made a signature drink called Black Magic. I also bought Halloween themed wine bottle labels (found on Amazon here), which transformed ordinary bottles of wine into “Spider Venom” and “Zombie Virus” among others.

DSC_0030     DSC_0025

Decorations were all orange & black with a vintage vibe.


For the entertainment- aside from the kids entertaining each other- we had several stations:

Make your own caramel apples– I put a 5 lb. loaf of “creamy caramel” (found on Amazon Creamy Caramel) in a small crock pot on low to keep it warm & melted for hours. Guests could put their names on a Popsicle stick, and use it to dip the apple into the caramel and then dip it into a topping of their choice. I put out mini chocolate chips, chopped nuts, sprinkles and other toppings into festive bowls.  I also put out two large cookie trays lined with wax paper, so that guests could put their freshly dipped apples on the tray to cool and then come back later and find the one with their name.



Design your own Halloween bookmarks- A practical craft that they could take home to use later. (Bought at Oriental Trading here)


Decorate your own pumpkins- We bought mini pumpkins and let each kid pick one and decorate it with the kits also from Oriental Trading (found here).



We served heroes & salads, but also made Halloween shaped macaroni & cheese, Mummy hot dogs (wrapped with strips of crescent rolls), a huge pot of chili and lots of corn bread.  The desserts were scary!

Large marshmallows dipped in colored candy bark, witch hat cupcakes made with ice cream cones, candy corn cake pops, Franken-pretzels and Peeps ghosts in pudding graves.



Everyone left with a home-made Boo bag filled with edible skeletons and other fun Halloween treats. For the bags I used regular lunch bags and large letter stencils to mark them each with “BOO” in black acrylic paint. For the moon I used a circle paper cutter on yellow card stock. After I glued the moon on, I punched two holes in the moon to weave in black stitch witchery to look like bats.



Not so scary Halloween!

Super Girls
Super Girls



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