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Along with Peter Pan’s shadow, I added some other little touches to bring the magic of Neverland into their bedroom.  I bought a Peter Pan book that had large, colorful pages and cut two pages out and framed them in frames I purchased from the Christmas Tree Shoppes (for $5 each). I made the Peter Pan outfit from green felt. The girls take turns wearing it… to pieces…

photo (28) photo (31) photo (32)

My father found the dollhouse out in someone’s trash! Can you believe that? It is obviously hand-made and with such detail. More of an heirloom than trash.  It is definitely getting a 2nd life with my 3 Busy Bees. And- it reminds me of a house that the Darling’s would live in.

photo (33) photo (35)

I did resort to the Disney Store for the soft dolls.  And found a Tick-Tock Croc Clock on clearance ($15!), so I could not pass him up!

photo (36)


At this point, we can add mermaids, pirates, Indian princesses… so much to consider. But this was my start.

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  1. Hello. I hope you are still active on this blog. I found you by searching for the tic toc croc clock you have in the last picture on this page. My brother was obsessed with croc when he was a kid and I have been looking for this clock to give him for his 30th birthday.

    Do you still own it? Would you consider selling it? Thank you for your reply.

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